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Treating Dry Eye Early

Dry eye is a common condition that can affect just about anyone, and we want to help protect your eyes. Symptoms like blurry vision, watery eyes, and irritation can derail your productivity, so we aim to keep you on track with innovative treatment methods. 

We know dry eye can be challenging to manage, but through treatment methods like OptiLIGHT by Lumenis, meibomian gland expression, TearCare, and Equinox LLLT, we can help you get relief. 

Dry eye screenings are a part of eye exams for all our patients, and we’re with you from the diagnostic stage through to treatment. Our dry eye services focus on helping you find lasting relief—contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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How Your Tears Play a Role in Dry Eye

Dry eye can develop when your eyes aren’t producing enough tears or your tears are evaporating too quickly.

Your tear film consists of 3 layers:

  • The oily outer layer
  • The watery middle layer
  • The inner mucus layer

When the glands that produce these elements of your tears are not functioning properly or become inflamed, dry eye can occur. Inflammation can also occur from meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

What Is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

Meibomian glands are specialized glands that are found in our lower and upper eyelids that secrete the oil needed for our tears. When you have meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), the oil that is intended to be secreted into your tear film is disrupted, resulting in clogged glands. 

Clogged glands can produce structural instability for your tears, resulting in a loss of tear film strength, decreased lubrication of the ocular surface, and severe dry eye symptoms.

Our team takes a multifaceted, therapeutic approach to addressing your dry eye needs.

What Else Causes Dry Eye?

While meibomian gland dysfunction and tear production issues can be the main causes of dry eye, there are other causes as well, such as:

  • Long-term contact lens wear
  • Blepharitis
  • Allergies
  • Certain medications
  • Wind, dry air, and other environmental conditions
  • Digital eye strain

Causes of dry eye can vary from person to person, so it’s important to visit us for comprehensive eye exams to get a clear diagnosis.

The Dry Eye Diagnostic Stage

The first step to getting dry eye relief is the diagnostic stage, an important step in our treatment process. During this stage, our team will use advanced equipment to take detailed pictures of your meibomian glands and perform other diagnostic tests to help find a treatment plan that’s right for you.

The screening stage is crucial for our team to collect more information about your eyes and learn how dry eye symptoms are affecting you. 


Meibography allows our team to get detailed images of your meibomian glands through a noninvasive method. During meibography testing, images of your eyelids are captured using infrared technology, revealing the structure of your meibomian glands and allowing our team to check on their health.

Dyes and staining techniques are commonly used for dry eye assessment. Fluorescein and lissamine green dyes are 2 common types used to evaluate the health of your eye surface, including the cornea and conjunctiva.

These dyes are applied to the eyes so any damage or abnormalities can be seen by our team through a slit lamp microscope.

Tear breakup time (TBUT) testing measures the time it takes for the tear film on the surface of your eyes to break up. This test is done in-office using an automated device.

Our Dry Eye Treatments

Your environment and other risk factors, such as exposure to dry air or wind, long-term contact lens wear, and digital eye strain, can increase your chances of developing dry eye, and we take that all into account when considering your treatment options.

Following our diagnostic process, our team works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan with some of our innovative treatment methods. Our dry eye services are comprehensive, and we provide treatments based on your specific needs.

OptiLIGHT By Lumenis

OptiLIGHT by Lumenis is a light-based, noninvasive treatment done in the area below the eyes to manage dry eye. The first and only IPL FDA-approved for dry eye management.

The treatment is safe, gentle, and is backed by more than 20 clinical studies.

OptiLIGHT uses precise pulses of light to reduce the inflammation that is typically associated with dry eye disease, improve tear breakup time, and increase meibomian gland functionality.

Learn More About OptiLIGHT

Meibomian gland expression is a noninvasive procedure that involves applying gentle pressure to the meibomian glands. Expressing the oil in your eyelids can help increase the health and stability of your tear film, reducing dry eye symptoms such as irritation, fatigue, and watery eyes.

TearCare is an in-office procedure designed to provide localized heat therapy for adult patients suffering from evaporative dry eye disease caused by meibomian gland dysfunction.

TearCare offers precise and targeted heat therapy to the eyelids, providing 15 minutes of gentle warmth to stimulate the meibomian glands, liquefy blockages, and promote better tear production. With its unique blink-assisted design, TearCare helps provide optimal comfort throughout the treatment process.

Equinox red light therapy uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to provide a noninvasive solution for dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction.

Equinox therapy works by harnessing specially designed LED lights to gently warm up the eyelids, stimulating the production of essential oils and improving tear quality. It’s designed to be safe and stress-free.

Dry Eye Relief Could Be an Appointment Away

We know that dealing with dry eye can slow you down, and we want to help you find relief as soon as possible. Our dry eye services include comprehensive diagnostics and innovative treatment methods like OptiLIGHT by Lumenis

From dry eye screening to the treatment stage, we have your back. Contact us to schedule your appointment and address your dry eye symptoms today.

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